Youghal, Co. Cork

Introduction | Religion, History & Culture In Youghal
Youghal Heritage Centre
Places Of Worship
Methodist Church, Friar Street, Youghal
St. Mary's Collegiate Church 1220
St. Mary's Parish Church 1796
Our Lady of Lourdes Church, The Strand
Holy Family Church, Youghal

Ruins of Dominican Priory of 1268, a Geralding foundation. Miraculous image of Our Lady of Graces was venerated here, now in St. Mary's Church in Cork City. Remains of a 14th Century Benedictine Priory. Ruins of 13th Century Molana Abbey. Ruins of convent of the Knights Templar, 12th Century.

Meeting Houses
Building which was once a meeting house of the Society of Friends in Ashe Street "Carnegie Free Library".

Cemeteries & Graveyards
North Abbey Cemetery
St. Mary's Collegiate Church Grounds
Society of Friends burial ground, Ashe Street

Meditation & Ceremonies
Sacred Heart Convent adoration 24 hours per day.
Corpus Christi Procession.

1798 Memorial Park
Statue to Fr. O'Neil commemorating Fr. O'Neil and other victims of 1798.
Nellie Fleming (Boat) 1936 all crew lost at sea, at the Mall.
Danny McCarthy (founder of Cork Hill pipe band) at Barry's Lane.
Our Lady of Graces carved in Portland stone at the southern entrance to the town; the sculptor was the late Seamus Murphy of Cork.
At the northern end of the town sculptures representing the river Blackwater flowing through the valleys into Youghal Harbour. Also sculpture representing fishing on the River Blackwater.

Gardens & Parks
1798 Memorial Park (Green Park).
The Millenium Garden of Time.
Keane Park, Quarry Road.

Romanesque - Gothic - 14th to 17th Century - Queen Anne period architecture, 18th Century onwards.

Ceremonial Items
Ceremonial Sword, which was a symbol of authority, granted to the Mayor and Corporation of the town by the Charter of King James 1st. 1609.
Water Bailiff's Mace dating 1649.
Details from charter granted by King James 1st to the corporation of Youghal 1609

Choral Society
Loretto Convent Choir

Cultural Events, Groups & Locations
Summer Time Festivals, June 22nd - 24th. Rock and Roll.
Maritime Festival: July 27th - 29th
Fox's Lane Museum.
Youghal Heritage Centre.
Archives Centre, Clock Gate.

Top class accommodation, hotels, guesthouses, bed and breakfast. Youghal Chamber of Tourism & Commerce promotes Youghal as a business district, seaside resort and historic destination to both industries and tourists.

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The Clock Tower
The Clock Tower
Shalom House
Shalom House
Youghal Visitor & Heritage Centre
Youghal Visitor & Heritage Centre
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