Cashel, Co. Tipperary

Introduction | Religion, History & Culture In Cashel
The Rock Of Cashel
Places Of Worship
St. John the Baptist Church of Ireland.
St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church built on the site of the Franciscan Friary. In 1932 mosaics were added to the facade to comemorate the Eucharistic Congress.
The Rock of Cashel. A 12th Century Cathedral stood on the Rock on the site of a later, larger building which was begun in the early 13th Century. By the 14th Century this Cathedral had reached its present size with its fine choir and central tower. The Cathedral has been damaged may times and been restored. It was take over by the Commission of Public Works in 1869 and repairs done. Notably restoration has been done on the Vicars Choral in 1975.
St. Cormac's Chapel and Round Tower. The Rock of Cashel dates from the 12th Century shortly after the Rock was given to the Church.

Cemeteries & Graveyards
The Rock of Cashel; St Mark's Famine Cemetary.

The Croke Memorial, located below the gable of the City Hall. Archbishop of Cashel Emly, founder of the G.A.A.
The Back of the Pipes, located near Moore Lane. Provided water for Cashel 1842.

Gardens & Parks
The Cashel Palace Gardens: The Palace, built in 1730, served as the residence of the Church of Ireland Archbishops and Deans of Cashel for 200 years. It is now a hotel. The garden at the back stretches towards the Rock. A mulberry tree is said to have been planted in the garden in 1702 to commerate the coronation of Queen Anne. Also in the gardens are hop plants, decendants of plants introduced in the 1740's by the Archbishop's Landsteward Richard Guinness. Richard's son Arthur helped to grow the hops and brew beer - which led to the establishment of his now world famous brewry in Dublin in 1759.

The Rock of Cashel; City Walls with fine gates.

Dominic's Abbey: The friars came to Cashel in 1243. The remained a presence in the area until the 19th century. Located just outside the medieval town walls, the ruins can still be seen in the centre of the town.

Hore Abbey: A Cistercian Monastery founded by the Archbishop of Cashel in 1272. It was the last Cistercian foundation in Ireland. It was probably built at the same time as the Rock, with the central tower being erected in the 15th century. In 1541 it was disolved during the reign of King Henry VIII. Its ruins can be seen a short distance from the Rock. Three other notable monasteries are: Holy Cross, 14kms from Cashel; Kilcooly, 27kms from Cashel; Athassel Abbey, 8km from Cashel.

Spiritual Resources
Ducking Pond at outskirts of town (Clonmel Road). Here ladies of the night were punished for unsociable behaviour by being ducked in public.
Weekly Novena to Our Lady of Souceer, St. John the Baptist R.C.
Holycross Novena every September for 9 successive days.
The May Procession in honour of Our Lady - held on the 1st Sunday after First Holy Communion.

Ladyswell - Street and area named from a holy well located behind the houses on the terrace. Our Lady's well was for centuries a place of local pilgrimage up to the late 1800's.
Annual Mass in St Mark's Famine cemetery August, 15th.
A Sheela na Gig (Symbol of Fertility) - can be found in the Bolton Library.

Cultural Events, Groups & Locations
Annual Cultural Festival - Main event usually held on historical location.
Cashel Arts Festival
Rock of Cashel guided tours and museum.
Brú Ború Theatre: Live cultural activity throughout Summer Season.
Cashel Heritage Town Centre - Audiovisual display of Cashel in 1640's in many languages.
Bolton Library - Archive of 12,000 books, with early 13th century prints.
Bothan Scor - Replica famine cottage.
Cashel Folk Village - exhibition of rural life.

Many Bord Fáilte approved B&B's, guesthouses and hotel. Two hostels, one caravan parking and camping facilities.

On main Dublin-Cork N7 Bus route. Nearest train station (Thurles) 15 minutes drive. Many private coaches and taxi services available.

Food & Drink
Many fine restaurants with wine licenses, several public houses serving good pub grub and evening meals.

Sports Facilities
Many G.A.A. pitches, Rugby & Soccer grounds. Rockwell Collage - swimming pool. Par 3 golf course, 5 minutes drive. Pitch and Putt course in town. Indoor pool and snooker.

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St. John's Cathedral
St. John's Cathedral
Cashel Town Walls
Cashel Town Walls
The Bolton Library
The Bolton Library
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