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Welcome To Heritage Towns Of Ireland

Like a vintage wine, these towns have taken a long time in maturing and are now ready for you to savour. But - don't forget! our towns are not just bricks and mortar. Their spirit is the people who make them come alive and who welcome you warmly to enjoy and share their proud Irish heritage with them.

Most towns have grown over the past 19 centuries and some have origins which go back much further. Some towns have their roots in old Celtic monasteries, or were founded by the Normans or even the Vikings, while others grew up where medieval markets took place - or at river and seaside locations where people simply liked to live.

The examples of towns and villages presented here have been designated Heritage Towns Of Ireland because of their unique character provided by a combination of architectural styles, often spanning many centuries, which gives them - and their visitors - a special feeling for the past. What also makes these towns so special is the careful way in which their historical features are presented - be it in the shape of an explanatory Visitor centre, a signposted walk or tourist trail around the town, or the provision of a specially tailored guided tour.

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